Radiant Energy and Dielectric Fields

I like to provide an overview of what a dielectric field is and the importance for nature. I therefore will demonstrate the behavior of a Radiant energy collection device. The device is receiving dielectric energy which is converted into electromagnetic energy to power the LED. The conditions to make it work is described in Tesla’s […]

Transformer coiling output performance

The follow up video of Transformer and coiling performance is available. I take 4 coils with various driving coil design and measure the output for the same voltage of 2 VPP input. The result might surprise but is important to develop into the right direction to improve performance to a very high level. You find the […]

Transformer and Dot convention

A new educational video about inductors is available. Here we look at the transformer and the implication of various winding directions. I will demonstrate the properties of in sync and out of sync voltage between the primary and secondary coil and highlight details which are not used standard in the industry. Schematics and formulas are added […]

Standing waves versus resonant waves

I like to announce the production of a video series about the comparison of energy harvesting of standing waves versus resonant waves. A standing wave is considered a mismatch configuration by engineering standards because all power is reflected back to the amplifier and not to the load. However, to avoid standing waves 50 Ohm transmission […]

Low power signal generator design

As part of the development of our energy projects I have posted a new video of the very low power signal generator. For those interested to integrate it into their design. I have created a new page under research and courses, called Electronics Design. I will post all future electronics design there. If the printed […]

Next Generation Coil Design, Part 4 movie released

I am happy to announce the release of the 4th part of the NG Coil design. Here I look at the TEP (Time Energy Pump) principle. You will see parametric behaviour of coils wound in opposite direction. A load of 1 KOhm is used for testing via a bridge rectifier to allow clear power efficiency […]

Next Generation Coil design, Part 3 movie released

I happy to announce the release of the third part of the next Generation coil design. In this video I will look at the overall performance of coil systems including the power delivery from the signal generator. While the overall performance of the coil from input to output is COP > 1. looking at how […]

RM8/I – 3C90 core, performance evaluation

I have released the last video of the testing series Ferrite core systems performance in Joule Thief configuration. A chart will be produced for all cores and a link presented below this video. Watch out for post notification on the website. I suggest to link to the RSS feed. The video is on the same […]

Large N30 core, performance evaluation

I like to announce the availability of the large N30 core performance evaluation test. It is the scaled up version of the small N30 core I tested before. You find the video under Movies and Ferrite core systems performance in Joule Thief configuration at the bottom. The direct link for Gold members is here. In my next […]